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VoidFeathers is a collection of 3333 NFTS floating on the ETHEREUM chain, compromised to change the way animation is looked at, and helping artist fulfill their dream. By creating an animation studio (With future plans of growing to other kind of art), the project will gather emerging artists from all around the world to create comics, animations, series and movies


Make a team of amazing artists to produce quality material, such as entertainment and business


Expand to the point that animation can be taken as a serious form of art, and people enjoying messages without artist having to hold back a lot


Void Feathers started as the dream of an artist working in an office, with a lot of rejected ideas that could really make a good difference. On the day they rejected one of my best ideas; I was the master designer for an art and science laboratory assets, from naming, interior designing, marketing campaign and Official logo I finally realized my potential was being held down by the corporate world, and I decided I was going to be better working solo. That day I made a sketch of an owl, I called it the dream owl. I liked the first design so much that I was quick to make a lore about him, his attitude, his name, purpose and the reason he was in between worlds.


I noticed how the market for emerging artists was decaying, being so many people doing art it’s hard try to keep your public, since there is more and more new content everyday, and the media itself is over demanding with the content uploading times, not leaving enough time for writers and illustrators to fully develop their projects.

In top of that, there is some content that is approved by the media, not leaving much freedom for the artist’s expression

I believe in freedom

One of the main goals of this project is to give back artists their freedom of speech. To many content is being canceled or altered now a days to fit some standards, but some of the old values must be preserved


Every Holder of a VoidFeather will have benefits, all depending on the tier or rareness of the piece they are holding

Small Feathers

Will have access to patreon benefits, such as online character books, sketches and digital process about illustration and edit of the comic

Big Feathers

Big Feather holders will be able to access to all of the first tier, plus access to discord channel where you will be able to participate in AMA´s with the creator of the serie in place

Myth Feathers

There will be anual conventions all around the world about big reveals on our new series, content to come, merch and way more. All of Myth Feathers holders will have free access to such events, plus all of the benefits mentioned above.

Void Feathers

VoidFeathers are the most rare birds in the colection. They are fully inspired by the feathers of the character that inspired not only the whole project, but also the first story itself. Their holders shall be rewarded with the ultimate prize, as a thankyou for trusting in their project. All VoidFeathers holders will recieve all of the benefits previously mentioned. In adtition, VoidFeathers holders will have a free access to a rare NFT in the next collection, featuring a new artist. Meaning that holding this NFT will grant you a permanent bond with the OrionFlower Family.

Project always in expansion

This project has many ways of expanding, and we are taking the right approach to target them all in their time. More animation enthusiasts will be hired to have a great team of artists, animators, content writers, editors, etc. Eventually we will open our broadcasting network, where those artists projects will be streamed for everyone to enjoy, and holders will have benefits over non holders.


Mint Details

Minting date: Announced soon!
Quantity: 3333 Void Feathers
Chain: Ethereum Chain
Price: starting at 0.021 ETH


I started the project solo, but i know i wouldn't get beyond the first step. A very awesome team was recruited and has been working hard, each one expert in their area.


In 2019, OrionFlower started as a passionate hobby about animation, and why it should be taken seriously by entertainment enjoyers, and it can also be used with many purposes.

Our First serie

Void Spiral is a fantasy/horror about a girl living in an unknown world for her, that has constant nightmares when she's able to sleep, how ever when she does, she dreams of a big owl that somehow "warns" her so she can carry on.
This show will teach about dealing with both, negative and possitive emotions, why is it important to medit and to have a healthy mind, and the relevance through the unknwon world of dreams.

What's next?

Once we are all sold out, the real work can begin. Animators and illustrators will be hired to make the first project happen. The first step is making 1 season of that first show, and let it rest for some time, depending on its success. By the time the season ends, the second artist will be ready to start, they will have their own project with their own NFT pieces you will be able to get (or will get for free if you have a void feather) and the process will start once again. By growing that way, all of the NFT pieces we have will raise their value, and more artist will join us. There's no stopping!